The process.

We'll guide you through your office design & build journey. 

  1. 1
    Brief taking
    We listen. We get to know you. Get to know your business. Your brand. Your culture. Then we'll work with you to establish your brief. And clearly define your requirements.

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  2. 2
    Workplace strategy
    We'll observe. Interview. Hold workshops. And take surveys. We'll jump inside your business and really get to know your company. So we can ensure our design meets your every need.

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  3. 3
    Space planning
    Once we've defined the brief, we'll work with you until we have your perfect space plan. And if you can't choose between buildings we can do test fits to work out which is best for you.

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  4. 4
    Concept design & CGI's
    Our passionate team of designers will create something not only creatively stunning, but also functional. And our talented visualisers can show you exactly what your office will look like.

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  5. 5
    Budgets & programme
    We'll talk money at every stage. We'll work to your budget and give you a detailed cost plan, ensuring there are no surprises. And our programme will make sure we get you home on time.

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  6. 6
    Detailed design
    Our technical designers make sure every design is practical, functional and buildable. Meeting all regulations. We'll deal with planning, building control, fire safety and DDA.

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  7. 7
    Our friendly, professional site team will make your office design a reality. They'll manage budget, programme and build. And they'll communicate with you at every stage.

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  8. 8
    Our aftercare team will be with you long after you move in. They are available, responsive and reactive. And will be with you all the way going forward to make sure you're in a happy home.

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We judge project success on your ability to look back on a collaborative project and know that your new office design has had a fundamentally positive affect on the performance of your business. ​

Our design services.

Let's talk design... 

​​We love what we do. We’re great at doing it. And we’ll guide you through the whole design process:

what you’re looking for… your brand and ethos… your structure and job functions… working practices… the workplace strategy… what you want the environment to say to visitors… building appraisals… space planning… 3D visualization… full concept design… technical detailing…

We use hand sketches, stunning CGI, samples and mood boards so you can climb in, see and understand the end result.

We have a passionate and innovative office design team dedicated to creating stunning workspaces. They will work with you to develop a workplace that is tailored to your needs, ensuring the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.
You have the reassurance that this is an award-winning team.
Workplace design

Work smarter...

Let us help you with workplace strategy.

  1. Taking your brief. Defining your aspirations.
    To understand where you want to be we have to understand where you are. So our friendly experts will work with you to understand your current workspace, your brand, your people and your clients. Then we'll look at where you want to be. Your business, your objectives, your values, your aspirations. This gives us a good base to start your workplace strategy journey.
  2. Observing your workplace. How do you work?
    We'll jump inside your workplace. Observe how you work. We'll get involved. And this will give us valuable insights into how you work. Interaction between employees. How you use different areas. How teams work together. How teams can work together better.
  3. Stakeholder interviews.
    We want to talk to your key stakeholders. We want to see the full picture. A detailed insight into your business and the people that are invaluable to it. Understanding your objectives, your future and your goals. This means that we can make sure your space is completely future proofed. Giving you the room to grow into what you want to be.
  4. Workshops. Let's have fun.
    You tell us who to talk to and we'll find out what they really think. Understanding your business from the people that make it work. We'll hold structured, engaging workshops to find out what your employees really want and need. We'll make wish lists. 'Hot or not' boards. We'll understand how we can get more from them. What motivates your employees. Understand how we can increase productivity. Encourage collaboration. Communication. The information we gain from this gives us the full picture.
  5. Surveys. Here comes the science bit.
    Once we've jumped in and seen how you work, we'll get the facts and figures to back-up our research. Furniture audits. Storage audits. Technology appraisals. We'll see what works, what's lacking, and what's needed to get you to where you want to be.
  6. Your workplace strategy.
    We'll create a bespoke proposal to support your organisations vision. Our experts will interpret all the information we've gained and discover the potential for your workspace. How we can connect departments, how we can make the office more functional, improve technology, improve communication, and change working practices. All to improve the productivity of your business.

3D visualisation.

Before it gets made, design – no matter how detailed – is just a conception.

You need to see it. Walk around. Look at things from different angles. So you can really think through what’s working. And what isn’t. What’s there. What’s missing.

We produce life-like 3D visuals for every project so you can see your office before it’s built.

The build stage.

We take pride in our work.

We focus on quality, snag free delivery of our projects. Delivered on time and within your budget.

We understand that an office move can be a stressful time for everybody involved. We are committed to operating in a transparent and proactive way. Leaving you reassured that you are in safe hands throughout this exciting journey. 

We run clean, safe, tidy sites. We look after our employees and have excellent working relationships with our sub-contractors. Fostering a collaborative team approach, ensuring successful delivery of your project. On time and on budget.


Let's talk money.

What about timings?

Let's talk team.

Our professional pre-contracts team will work with you to guarantee that your project is within your budget, ensuring there are no surprises. We guarantee that we will operate in a transparent manner. Every element will be itemised and all items will be discussed with you as the process develops.
Our pre-contracts team work closely with our construction team to develop a programme of works for your project. A timeline to ensure you occupy your new workspace on time. We’ll schedule any key dates that are important for you, and early handover of essential areas if required.
Our friendly construction team will be part of the project from conception to completion. They will coordinate with all teams involved to ensure an entirely holistic approach. Our site team will ensure a safe and tidy site at all times and issue weekly reports to keep you up to date with progress. 
Our pro-active aftercare team will support you in your new home for as long as you need them. A large proportion of our client base is repeat business, and we find this approach is the only long term approach to ensuring a satisfied client that will use Studio 11 in the future.